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Indie Retailing 101: Using Google Trends


There is life before and after Google.

Hardly surprising since Google is synonymous with search engine. But what about Google Trends? If you're a cannabis retailer not using this Google feature, you're putting yourself at a massive disadvantage.

A lot of data goes through Google, and you can use this data to help your business. That's what Google Trends is all about.


Don't Sales Speak for Themselves?

Google Trends uses data from search engines to show how frequently a user searches for a particular phrase or word.

You can compare trends over time and even get a regional breakdown of searches. Using Google Trends help you tap into the core preferences of your customers.

You can be sure your competitors will have this information. If they're using Google Trends, you have to as well. Don't hesitate to contact Burning Tree today to learn how we can help you navigate this information and use it productively.

Because you're not just selling weed. You're providing value. You're making your customers' lives better.

In the cannabis industry, it's easy to slip into the mindset of assuming you know what your customers want.

Don't sales speaks speak for themselves?

Yes, nothing beats the bottom line. And no replacement tool can rival real, honest customer feedback.

But here's how Google Trends can help.


How Google Trends Can Help

Let's say you're researching popular strains, trying to craft a loyalty program, or reassessing its use. Whatever you're doing, you can plug these terms into Google Trends.

From there, you can evaluate consumer interests based on Google searches.

You may notice certain cannabis strains have a cyclical interest. Maybe you notice that THC-infused chocolate sees a massive spike around the winter holidays but then drops off significantly in the new year.

As mentioned, you can get a regional breakdown of this information. Are people in your area searching for edible products to give as gifts?

Anticipating your sales is better than reacting to your sales, and that's what Google Trends helps with.

You can validate what kind of cannabis strains people are looking for. Or what kind of effects people want from cannabis. Google Trends gives you insight into the consumer mind and their core preferences.

Obviously, Google Trends isn't the be-all and end-all. You should follow up with your buying customers if you're not already.

In addition to sales and customer feedback, Google Trends is here to help keep you on top of what cannabis consumers are looking for. (Literally: what they're searching for.)

You can see what's popular in different parts of the province or country. You may not think BC consumer search terms are relevant to your Ontario store, but they could set a trend you need to watch out for.

Trends can appear from anywhere.

Let's say a particular White Widow strain is taking the country's cannabis market by storm. With Google Trends, you'll have seen it coming and hopefully stocked up.


What's the Toke Away?

  • SEARCH SMART - What cannabis products and strains are your potential customer looking for? Thankfully now you find that data and bring those top searched products in-house.

  • TRENDS & TRENDING - Make your search wide and long. What cannabis products were searched for last holiday season? Find those trends and buy these products early. Market them early and get ahead of this year's searches.

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