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Indie Retailing 101: Exploring Your Brand with Private Label


Brand Breadth

In this newsletter we will be exploring how you can leverage good design to make compelling private label products that showcase your brand and become coveted items to your consumers.


A Little Background

One of our great clients, Daylight Cannabis in Tofino, worked with Burning Tree on a refreshed line of private label rolling papers, lighters, and cones earlier this year. Daylight is located in Tofino, a small town of less than 2,000 on the western coast of Vancouver Island in B.C. Aside from Daylight, there is only one other cannabis retailer in the town. Tofino is also a tourist destination and the summer months see a massive influx of people more than doubling the regular population for seasonal staffing and can have as many as 750,000 tourist through the town over the year. It is a great location to have tourist-ready products that serve to fill a functional need or become a souvenir.


More Than a Brand

If you are simply placing your company's logo on a pack of rolling papers or a lighter you are missing a massive opportunity to expand your brand's potential and make additional sales that cater to your customer's desires.


Your graphic logo is a starting point. From it you can push, pull, and stretch how it appears visually, what it communicates, and how it appears on products that have function. Investing in good design can allow for brand growth and that can create opportunities to cater to seasonal sales drives & holidays, tourist souvenirs, and even just keeping your assortment fresh to entice more return visits. For Daylight, they have a captive market in the offseason with only one other competitor, and during the summer they have a lucrative tourist flow that wants to commemorate their vacation with some fun, low-cost swag.


The Financials

Designing multiple artworks and ordering multiple SKUs is more expensive than only producing a single private label SKU. However, while the investment is greater, having a larger assortment of goods will translate into greater sales for the entire collection. As well, if you are located in an area with tourism like Daylight, having specific products that fill a tourists need while away, (simple rolling kits, lighters, papers, grinder cards, etc), or are great souvenirs, a larger assortment will sell better.


What's the Toke Away?

  • Explore & Expand - Your brand is more than just your logo. Invest in good design to see where its can grow on physical product.

  • Know Your Place - Your store's physical location affords you opportunities to cater to specific customer subsets. As your budtenders to inquire more about your customer's needs.

  • Invest - More artwork and more SKUs cost money, but a family of product will sell better than a single private label SKU. Merchandise those products to tell a little brand story.

Interested to Learn More?

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