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Indie Retailing 101: The (inexpensive) Reach of Private Label Goods

Marketing is Expensive

  • CPC (cost-per-click) impressions for social media vary radically depending on the platform:

    • Google Search = ~$2

    • Facebook = ~$0.97

    • Instagram = ~$3.50

    • LinkedIn = ~$5.20

  • To engage with only 1000 people, you need to have a over $5,000 budget on LinkedIn (all prices in USD).


Cannabis Marketing is Highly Regulated

  • Most social media platforms still don't allow Cannabis marketing (FB & Insta being the largest offenders)

  • Age gates limit or prevent most of the other traditional advertising mediums like print, TV, billboards, etc

  • It is very hard to reach new consumers with your Cannabis brand


The Facts:

  1. Most households own over 30 promotional items

  2. Promotional products are kept an average of seven months

  3. 63% of people reported giving promotional products to someone else when they no longer had a use for it

  4. A branded pen will make over 3000 impressions in its lifetime


What is the Toke Away?

  • Branded BIC Lighters (~$1.65) have over 3000 lights and many more impressions than that ($0.0005/light or impression)

  • Branded Rolling Papers (~$1.85) have over 40 papers/pack and many more impressions than that ($0.046/roll or impression)

  • Branded 510 Batteries (~$7.50 each) can be recharged over 300 times and assuming a x10 uses/charge translates into many impressions ($0025/use or impression)

  • Branded Grinders (~$8-9 each) can be used for years with potentially thousands of impressions.


The Cannabis Retail Calendar

Download our free, high res 'Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar'

Burning Tree - Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar R2
Download PDF • 111KB

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