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Indie Retailing 101: Summer Holiday Planning

Summer Retail Holidays

As May 24/Long has passed and Memorial Day approaches, the bellwether long weekends that mark the start of summer are upon us. What does this mean for cannabis retail? Father's Day, Pride, Canada Day, 710/Oil, and summer vacations are all massive retail opportunities.

Read more to get yourself ready.



  • Father's Day is a great opportunity to kit a selection of products for Dad

  • A new pipe, premium papers, an accessory cleaning kit, or new stash jars are a perfect way to up your Dad's stash game

  • Pair accessories with some discounted cannabis SKUs and you'll have Dad living his best life (pair with edibles to extend the vibes)

  • Hemson products, pictured above, are ideal gifts for Fathers that lean towards nostalgia and premium products that will last for years


Grab and Go

  • Summer also bring vacations, camping, and trips to the lake/cottage

  • Think about promoting easy to pack and consume products: gummies, prerolls, vapes. beverages, and edibles

  • Extracts, and flower are more gear heavy and are harder to travel with

  • If your store is located in a tourist area, try kitting together a grinder, papers, and lighters/matches for tourists who prefer flower


July 10th - 710

  • July 10th, is 710, cannabis' official holiday that celebrates extracts

  • While not as well known as 420, this day is a great opportunity to promote your extract inventory and introduce this product type to your customer base

  • By discounting your vape carts, you also create a buying opportunity for your custom branded 510 batteries


What's the Toke Away?

  • FATHER'S DAY - Spoil Dad but leveling up his stash game. Think of buying premium Hemson products that lean on nostalgia

  • MOBILITY - Easy to pack and consumer for your customers heading out for the weekend. If your store is in a destination location, kit products that they need or have forgotten at home

  • 710 - The other cannabis holiday. Promote your extracts and look to this holiday to introduce your customer to these product types.

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