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Indie Retailing 101: Sell Your Brand Before You Sell the Competition's

Private Label Quality

  • If you buy your private label products from a reputable supplier, they should have the same or better quality than the brands you should be replacing them with

  • A key factor in conveying your product quality is ensuring your website and sales staff are know what they are selling: if a consumer is asking for RAW papers, ensure your staff can speak to the premium qualities of your rolling papers.

  • Burning Tree supplies every product with a digital proof that can be used on your online store and has a product resource hub to ensure your site and staff are armed with the information needed to sell the products.

Exclusivity & Differentiation

  • Every retailer around you already stocks RAW, Canadian Lumber, and OCB rolling papers.

  • By stocking the exact same product you compete on the exact same terms: cost.

  • Your private label products are unique to your brand, your store, and your customer experience.

  • They cannot be replicated anywhere else and that is a unique offering in a crowded marketplace.

Better Design = Better Profit

  • If you invest in great artwork for your private label products, you can actually charge more for them as the perceived value is higher.

  • Simply applying your logo to a grinder, 510 battery, BIC lighter, or rolling papers is not compelling.

  • However, a small investment in great artwork that is inspired by your store interior, your social feeds, your branding, and the narrative you are trying to build is critical and will resonate with your consumer.

  • That artwork can thrive on your products, drive sales, inform your social feeds, and have customer's seeking you out for the coveted product on a retailer they love.

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