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Indie Retailing 101: Seasonal Product Mixes

Retail is Retail (Even in Cannabis)

  • Cannabis retail is subjected to the same seasonal demands and consumer psychology that exist in any retail market.

  • Knowing and capitalizing on the retail seasonal calendar is a critical part of being successful in retail.


Seasonal Product Mixes

You'd be hard pressed to sell Pumpkin spice lattes in June. Similarly, you need to ensure your Cannabis products and private label accessories can capitalize on the seasonal desires of your customers

  • In the summer, bring in more Cannabis beverages and easy to pack & consume edibles that can travel to the cottage, road trips, or camping.

  • In the winter, topicals and self-care Cannabis products perform better than in the summer.

  • For accessories, smaller items like 2pc grinders, papers, and 510 batteries are more easily transported & shared in summer months.

  • With fall and winter as critical gifting season, larger and higher priced items will perform better: bongs, vaporizers, pipes.

What is the Toke Away?

Stock up with a seasonally appropriate product assortment well ahead of the season. As you transition between seasons, mark down the products that will no longer be relevant as you start to promote the new product coming into stock.

Our Cannabis Retail Calendar below can help you plan your seasonal product assortment with holidays, events and suggested promotions.


The Cannabis Retail Calendar

Download our free, high res 'Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar'

Burning Tree - Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar R2
Download PDF • 111KB

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