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Indie Retailing 101: Retail Seasonal Planning

Retail is Retail (Even in Cannabis)

Cannabis retail is subjected to the same seasonal demands and consumer psychology that exist in any retail market. The product might be different, but the consumer is the same. Knowing and capitalizing on the retail seasonal calendar is a critical part of being successful in retail. With planning and an in-market date, you can work back to ensure your private label items arrive in time.


The Cannabis Retail Calendar


Intelligent Product Planning

  • Most private label products take at least 3 weeks to order, produce, and ship (typically rolling papers).

  • Some private label products, like cones, are often closer to 12 weeks for the same ordering, production, and shipping steps.

What's the Toke Away?

Build your product lead times into your seasonal retail calendar to ensure you have product ready for photography, online sale & staff onboarding, and proper in-store merchandising.

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