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Indie Retailing 101: Product Quality & Customer Trust


Bad Rollies

There have a been a few troubling investigations into cannabis accessories and specifically rolling papers made by well-known brands and sold by national distributors. This important issue can't be discussed enough so we though it was a good time to put the spotlight on this topic and your responsibility in carrying product that you can stand behind and which won't harm your customers or your business.


(1) The Wrong King of Heavy Metal

Not all rolling papers are created equal. While most rolling paper brands are manufactured to the highest internationally recognized standards for heavy metal and pesticide contamination (including ours), other fall far, far short and would be considered dangerous to use over the long term. A recent study by SC Labs, found several rolling papers brands purchased in the Southern California market contained heavy metals and pesticides.

The dangerously high levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium and cypermethrin, (a pesticide), in some of these papers include brands you likely know well: by Zig Zag, HubbaBubba, Twisted Hemp, and King Palm. To ensure you aren't selling products that will harm your customers, insist on asking your paper suppliers for testing certifications that verify the materials are contaminant free. The SC Labs report can also be downloaded above for free if you want more details on the testing that was conducted and the brands involved.


(2) A Dubious Story

RAW Rolling Papers, known almost universally by cannabis smokers, has faced some recent legal issues for marketing and promotion claims that were ruled as patently false.

This past January, a US court ordered HBI, the owner of RAW Rolling Papers, to stop any marketing or promotions that RAW's had used for years to help build its storied past. The injection permanently prohibits HBI and/or RAW from stating:

  • That HBI and/or RAW operate(s) or contributes its funds or sales proceeds to a charitable entity or foundation of any kind referred to as the “RAW Foundation” or making reference to the “RAW Foundation” in text or images;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are “unrefined;”

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are made with natural hemp gum, or that the adhesive used in RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers is made from or contains hemp;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling paper booklets are made in Alcoy, Spain;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp pre-rolled rolling-paper cones are made in Alcoy, Spain;

This injunction includes 13 items that poke holes in the story of RAW the brand and its products. While this is not as immediate a concern as heavy metal or pesticide contamination, it does cast doubt on what the brand stands for and the product quality.

You can read further here for more about the court's final ruling.


What's the Toke Away?

  • (1) DON'T KILL YOUR CUSTOMERS - Don't sell product that can harm your customers. You wouldn't do this to your family, your friends or staff so don't do it to your customers either.

  • (2) DON'T SUPPORT UNETHICAL BRANDS - Carrying brands or products that aren't able to meet basic moral or ethical standards have no place your store. Customers who come to you are looking for trustworthy recommendations.

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