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Indie Retailing 101: Product Kitting

Retail is Retail (Even in Cannabis)

  • Cannabis retail is subjected to the same seasonal demands and consumer psychology that exist in any retail market.

  • Knowing and capitalizing on the retail seasonal calendar is a critical part of being successful in retail.


Kitting Products for Gifting

Valentine's Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Father's Day, Weddings. These are just a few of the holidays and special events that come massive sales opportunities.

  • Kitting your accessories is an excellent way to offer multiple items as a single SKU that can have a better blended margin than they would separately.

  • It can also serve to reduce your inventory position of your lower performing items by kitting them with higher performers.

  • Holidays are also a great opportunity to introduce seasonal, limited release products like holiday themed & branded papers, cones, and lighters. Choose items with low MOQs to ensure you sell through before the holiday is over.

What is the Toke Away?

Evaluate your highest and lowest performing products and accessories. If these items are complementary in how they are used together (think papers & lighters), are more giftable as a set, or simply will be viewed as a 'deal,' kit them together and promote them.

The beauty of kitting products together is that you effectively create a new product that further communicates and builds your brand while helping you move through old inventory to free up shelf space & capital for new products.

Our Cannabis Retail Calendar below can help you plan which products to kit together to capitalize on the season, holidays, and your customer's behaviours.


The Cannabis Retail Calendar

Download our free, high res 'Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar'

Burning Tree - Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar R2
Download PDF • 111KB

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