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Indie Retailing 101: Private Label Product = Mini Billboards

Creative Marketing in a Regulated Market

Depending on where your cannabis retail store is based, you face some level of regulation on how you can market to build your brand awareness. For months now we have been educating you on how private label goods can be used to drive additional revenue for your business. Offering unique products & in-store experiences, (ie your branded goods), along with margins that are often much higher than those of cannabis are the two biggest factors to consider from a business perspective.

But what if we considered private label goods from a purely marketing perspective and from the perspective of the products?


A Day in the Life of a 510 Battery

  • Often purchased impulsively as an accompaniment to a vape cartridge when at cash (a $15 retail allows for this rash decision)

  • Your retail brand can be easily applied to the sticker wrap and, if merchandised properly, be the only battery option available

  • This battery will likely have use the day of, but over its 5 hours of charge, and 300+ charge cycles, it can be used with dozen of vape cartridges

  • Each new vape cartridge will be associated with your retail brand given the branding real-estate available

  • Easily carried in a purse, a tote, pocket, or suitcase, your branded 510 battery will get hundreds of micro-impressions long after the original purchase


A Day in the Life of a Lighter

  • Another impulse buy at $4, your branded lighter solves a customer's immediate need for their pre-roll purchase and other dried flower consumption methods

  • With 9 body colours, 24 stock print colours plus printing available on both sides the little lighter has lots of brand impact potential

  • Used the day of, but with another 2,999 flicks on tap, your branded lighter can see years of use and impression making

  • The low retail price feeds into the lack of preciousness and they are often shared, given away, and that places them in the hands of a potential new customer who has yetto visit your store


A Day in the Life of Rolling Papers

  • The billboard of the cannabis industry

  • Either received as a gift with purchase or bought, rolling papers have a ton of brandable real-estate for a item that starts at $1.85 each

  • Rolling papers are used slowly over time, and can often be with your customer for weeks or months

  • Often with 32 papers & tips, they can translate to dozens of impressions and become associated with the flower rolled inside

  • In a stash, on a kitchen table or night stand, in a purse, or pocket, they travel well and when left on display, bring your retail brand into a consumer's home, the party they are at, or vacation they are on

  • Invest in good artwork and rotate these seasonally to keep your customer's coming back for the next paper drop


What's the Toke Away?

  • MAKE EASY SALES - Private label good are often bought to fulfill an immediate product need. Position at cash and upsell the right items with cannabis products (vapes and 510s, rolling paper and flower)

  • BEAUTIFUL BRANDING - Your name on a lighter, papers, or a 510 battery isn't compelling. Make an impact with your brand on high quality artwork that will be noticed

  • HIGH IMPACT, LOW VALUE - Private label product get used, shared, and lost. Each hop is a potential new consumer that has never seen your brand. Embrace the lack of preciousness.

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