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Indie Retailing 101: How to Change (and Improve) Your Private Label Supplier


Yes, we've heard your story many, many times. Let me guess, your current private label supplier isn't responsive to your requests, your account manager is no longer employed there, and your new account manager didn't get the appropriate handover for your business needs.

It's very frustrating.

Read on to see how you can easily change your white label supplier to Burning Tree.


Why Should I Change?

Because cannabis retail remains a highly challening in every market. While the recent cannabis retail retraction, consolidation, recalibration has been very hard, price compression in this sector has thinned already slim margins.

Where can you make up some of those lost margins? Naturally private label product lines and accessories are the best next option to augment your revenue as the margins are significantly better.

But, if your existing, (non-Burning Tree), private label supplier isn't answering your emails or picking up the phone, they are actually negatively impacting your bottom line. Not only is it wasting your valuable time trying to get a satisfactory response, but it also delays your product delivery and ability to be sold.


Is it Easy To Change Suppliers?


Changing your private label supplier is really easy. Often your existing private label artwork has similar, if not identical, die lines and templates. This means we can use the same artwork you already have, or quickly adapt the previous artwork to our supply chain.

If you want to change private label suppliers and also use that opportunity to refresh your staid artwork, we can integrate our graphic team to assist with a new designs that will freshen up your merchandise assortment or get you ready for a holiday set.


Is Burning Tree Comparable?

We are a lot more than comparable. You will love working with us because we are better and more competitive.


Read below for the main points are why the best cannabis retailers trust us with their private label products:


  • We work with the best graphic designers to make your product stand out amongst the rest.

  • Outstanding artwork stands out on your shelf and builds goodwill for your retail brand.


  • Our prices on papers, cones, and 510's are comparable, or better, than the leading national distributors.


  • We only use the best manufacturers for our private label product production.

  • Our paper supplier is based in Europe and has all required FSC, Pb & other contaminant, and labour standard certifications.

  • 510s are triple checked before leaving the factory and are fully charged.


  • We have always structured our MOQs and vendors to work with small order sizes to service your indie operation.

  • Starting at as few as 300 pcs (BICs), we ensure working with us will not leave you with excessive inventory.

Lead Times

  • We have some of the best lead-times available.

  • Our Clippers are often available within 3 weeks. Compare this to the national distributor which is closer to 16 week.


  • We run lean and have dedicated staff to attend to your private label orders.

  • We often can have your projects in production within a week including any new artwork that needs to be designed.


What's the Toke Away?

  • BETTER MARGINS - Private label can help to offset price compression in cannabis sales. Get your private label product on shelf to diversify your revenue streams.

  • DEMAND MORE - Your private label supplier should know you and your business well. If they aren't responding to your order inquires, they don't care about your business either.

  • CHANGE IS GOOD - Changing private label suppliers is very easy. Reach our so we can welcome you into our family.

  • ABOVE AND BEYOND - You will prefer working with Burning Tree for our costs, quality, design, MOQs, lead-time, and communication.

Interested to Learn More?

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