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Indie Retailing 101: End of Summer Product Kitting


Summer is the season of letting loose and socializing when many consumers spend more money on recreational activities - presenting a major sales opportunity for indie cannabis retailers. These cannabis kitting ideas can help you wrap up the summer and move forward into fall on a high note with novel products aimed at young and older adults.


1. Vacation Kits

Mini grinders and pipes make the perfect space-saving addition to a product line, and branded, odour-proof storage canisters or travel bags keep flowers fresh while increasing exposure for your brand on distant shores.


2. End of Summer Parties

Seasonal cannabis products and accessories are conversation starters for late summer socials. Product kits that contain tropical strains or fruity THC treats with a colourful serving tray are perfect for promoting the spirit of sharing with friends.


3. New Semester Starter Packs

As the summer winds down, many young adults start heading back to university for a new semester, and you can create cannabis kits that cater to their needs. Travel bags and discreet storage solutions are ideal for returning students, and cannabis starter packs could make fun going-away gifts.


4. Back-to-School CBD Products for Parents

The back-to-school season also applies to cannabis users, and retailers should use this time to market calming CBD products or Indica strains to busy parents.


What's the Toke Away?

  • VACATION KITS - Think small and kit items that your customers may have forgotten, or left at home.

  • SUMMER PARTIES - Sharing is caring. What products can be shared easily and what products support those behaviors.

  • COLLEGE STUDENTS - Think of products that new students can travel with easily and tuck our of sight (and smell).

  • CBD FOR PARENTS - Mom & Dad need to chill. Pair chill cannabis strains with simple, well functioning products that support easy consumption.

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