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Indie Retailing 101: Capitalize on Cannabis Tourism as an Indie Retailer


Cannabis legalization bolsters tourism in many parts of the world, benefiting hotels, restaurants, and local economies. Developing a unique cannabis product line, packaging, and brand identity can help you attract non-locals and build a cross-border customer base. Here’s how to get started as an indie cannabis retailer:


1. Make Your Dispensary a Destination

Enticing window displays can help attract more foot traffic in tourist areas, promising travellers a unique in-store experience they will talk about long after their trip. Investing in high-quality signage and shop-fitting that speaks to your brand helps create a more memorable dispensary experience.


2. Build Your Social Media Presence

Most people use social media to determine whether they’re willing to visit a place in person, and your brand identity must translate online if you hope to attract tourists. Infographics, product photography, and Insta-worthy packaging are paramount to drawing customers from distant locations.


3. Celebrate Local Flavour

Incorporating local landmarks and language into your product development and branding can help you succeed in the cannabis tourism industry. Try partnering with local growers to provide small-batch strains, tours, and unique experiences for an authentic edge in a saturated tourist area. These are ideal departure points for limited release papers and lighters both of which can be carried by partner, non-cannabis, stores in your community.


4. Design Products as Souvenirs

People enjoy novelty, and developing products for a tourist market involves capitalizing on local culture and original ideas. Creating product kits with branded lighters, grinders, and accessories is ideal for foreign customers who cannot legally travel home with cannabis.


What's the Toke Away?

  • DESTINATION - Be the big pin on the map. Ensure tourist seek you out on thier trip.

  • SOCAL MEDIA - Ensure you can be found when your potential customers are planning out their trip.

  • LOCAL FLAVOUR - Tourists want to experience the local. Make your store an authentic part of your community.

  • SOUVENIRS - What can a tourist leave your store with that is not only functional, but builds your brand, and becomes a discussion point with friends.

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