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Indie Retailing 101: Burb - A Private Label Success Story

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

An interview with John Kaye from Burb

Last week, Burning Tree interviewed one of the founders of Canada's most highly regarded Cannabis brands: Burb's John Kaye. We discussed the importance of leveraging product to build a successful Cannabis brand.

We've published the full transcript for you indie retail fan boys on the Burning Tree blog, but have summarize the main points here:

1. Start with the Basics

  • A private label product collection can start small

  • Rolling papers or lighters, both with low MOQs and sub-$2 costs, are ideal starting points.

  • Basic items can be sold, given away, gifted, or kitted with other products for marketing campaigns without being too precious.

2. Think of your Products as you Marketing

  • The Cannabis market is highly regulated and that makes marketing very challenging.

  • Product travels and communicates your brand much further than the 4 walls of your Cannabis retail shop.

  • Placing your brand on a hoodie, a pack of rolling papers, a lighter, grinder, or 510 battery means your brand will be seen again and again with each use.

  • With each new vape cartridge threaded to your 510 battery, each joint rolled with your papers, or a each bowl lit with your lighter, these are a consistent, positive touch points with your brand

  • When the time comes for customers to stock-up, be the retailer most top of mind, and with the most favourable impression to get those valuable repeat sales.

3. Build Your Community With Product

  • Your loyal, repeat customers are your store's best asset, reward them with free product

  • A gifted pack of a papers, a lighter, grinder, or 510 battery can delight your customer base and give them a reason to talk about, and recommend your store.

  • Use free papers and lighters, to introduce local businesses, community organizations, or customers to your store.

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