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Indie Retailing 101: 420 is Wrapped, Now What?

Looking Beyond Cannabis' High Holiday

With Cannabis' highest of holidays now over what can you do to leverage upcoming, non-Cannabis holidays, to further drive your retail sales?


1. Plan for Spring & Summer Holidays

  • May, June and July see the annual celebrations of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Canada Day, and Memorial Day & Independence Day in the US.

  • Beyond statutory holidays there are also lots of celebrations that you can market into: Graduation season in May, Pride events through June, and Wedding season starts in earnest once it warms up.

  • The next three months also start summer vacation planning and well deserved time off.


2. Kit Your Product

  • If you missed our post on product kitting, we encourage you to have a peek on the helpful information we provided.

  • Mother's Day would be great opportunity to package a few of your topicals from the Fall/Winter season (bath salts, CBD creams, etc.) with a few new vape options that can help Mom to rock a serious chill after brunch (pair with your private label 510 battery).

  • Father's Day could be a hit with a new one hitter for Dad along with your private label matches, and a giggly new flower strain.


3. Limited Release Drops

  • With low MOQs, paper and lighters are the perfect private label products to drop until they sell through.

  • Affiliate your brand with the culture and community created by events like Pride that run throughout June.

  • Custom lighters and papers can also be great swag for Cannabis-friendly weddings


What's the Toke Away?

  • PLAN - Spring and summer are full of holidays. Build your marketing around them.

  • KIT - What was once old can be new again. Package Cannabis and accessories in an easy way for customers as they look for gift ideas.

  • DROP - Add a few limited private label items that have low MOQs and low prices for celebrations like Pride and weddings.

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