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Client Success Stories: Plateau & The Woods Cannabis Retailers


The Importance of Building Private Label Product Collections

Lighters aren't what they used to be.

Once upon a time, it was a tiny little plastic tool you used to make fire. When it was out, you chucked it and bought a new one.

But today's consumer is far more environmentally conscious than they were in the past.

In an age with paper straws and useable shopping bags, it only makes sense your lighter should be reusable.

That's what Plateau Cannabis found. They moved through custom clipper lighters within six months with only two Ottawa locations.


Plateau Cannabis: Private Label Lighters

It's not like these lighters are cheap little plastic things. Unlike your standard BIC lighter, these lighters don't end up in a landfill.

Custom Clipper Lighters are refillable and have a replaceable flint and built-in packing tool. Not only does this make the product environmentally friendly, but it's also useful for cannabis consumers.

When customers buy a Custom Clipper Lighter, it's like a glass pipe. A clipper lighter isn't some one-off purchase. It's not simply a tool. The lighter, like the glass pipe, becomes a long-term companion.

These lighters are expensive, with a MOQ of 960 at $2.41 each. So how did Plateau Cannabis go through its inventory in 6 months? (Especially when they sold them for $3.50, a near 50% markup.)

Simple: it was the only lighter they sold in the store.

The lighters have a sleek, simple design to highlight their branding. If your customers want a dull-looking BIC lighter that'll end up in the trash, they can go to a gas station or convenience store.

But if they want a higher-end, useable and environmentally-friendly lighter, they'll purchase a Custom Clipper.

Of course, Plateau offered more than just fancy lighters. They provide free refills when you enrol in their loyalty program.

So now they've got more of their customers in their loyalty program. And they've got repeat customers coming back to the store.

When they come in for a free refill, you can upsell the customer on that new OG Kush strain that just came in.

Why continue losing lighter sales to gas stations?


The Woods Cannabis: Success Beyond Lighters

For The Woods Cannabis in Brampton, sales came from pairing lighters with papers. But their real success was in building their private label collection.

The Woods began with custom 1.25 papers (also known as Spanish Size).

Three months later, these papers were popular enough for the Woods to sell custom King papers. Then they added Custom Cones six months after that.

Their last order had them sample seven different custom BIC lighters with unique artwork and colours. They wanted to test how other coloured lighters performed with popular cannabis strains.

For example, would a blue lighter sell better with the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain?

So far, the experiment has been a success. Budtenders are upselling lighters that pair well with cannabis brands.

The Woods Cannabis has shown how important building a private label production collection is.


So, what are you waiting for? You may find success in pairing papers and lighters with specific cannabis brands. Or maybe you want to successfully adopt the free-refill loyalty program that Plateau Cannabis uses.

Whatever your decision, we can help.


What's the Toke Away?

  • LIMIT CHOICE - Your private label products are as good any of the competitions. Don't lose sales to RAW papers when you could be making the same profit and building your brand.

  • BUILD SLOWLY - Your amazing private label product line can be built slowly. Take is slow and make those purchases count.

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