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Indie Retailing 101: Timing Your Marketing Campaigns

Retail is Retail (Even in Cannabis)

  • Cannabis retail is subjected to the same seasonal demands and consumer psychology that exist in any retail market.

  • Knowing and capitalizing on the retail seasonal calendar is a critical part of being successful in retail.


How to Time Your Marketing Campaigns

  • The optimism that comes with spring, the lazy pace of summer days, and the cozy comfort of a fireplace in the winter are all positive feelings that can be elicited through well timed marketing.

  • By evoking these positive feelings, you can associate your brand with them and then tie your products to supporting that feeling.

What is the Toke Away?

No-one wants to hear about Christmas deals in July, but in November your outgoing marketing for the holiday season will be appreciated and helpful. Time your Cannabis marketing campaigns to our helpful info graphic below.


The Cannabis Retail Calendar

Download our free, high res 'Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar'

Burning Tree - Cannabis Retail Seasonal Calendar 2022-03-17
Download PDF • 96KB

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